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5 Gorgeous Toronto Coffee Shops to Add to Your List

Mar 01 2017

There are more cafes in Toronto now than ever before. Many trendy spots focus on serving great coffee and baked snacks but it is now just as important to provide a unique and serene space that the customers can enjoy and relax in. More and more coffee shop owners are focusing on interior design as a critical piece of their strategy. Prettier spaces that create the right atmosphere and environment have been drawing in Toronto urban-dwellers more than any other places. If you’ve been craving some down time this week where you can enjoy a cup of latte to yourself and relax, here is a great list you can start with.

Dark Horse Espresso

A staple name for coffee in Toronto, Dark Horse has opened a brand new location in the Canary District, a new neighbourhood with modern condos and trendy eateries and shops. This new location may be Dark Horse’s best looking one yet. With huge windows that let in natural light, it would be a treat to sit inside and enjoy your coffee hour.

Fix Coffee and Bikes

This West Queen West coffee shop exhibits cool bikes that rotate on display, creating a very unique atmosphere. Bright and airy, there are communal benches that people can use for chatting or group work. There is also interesting artwork displayed on the walls, playing further on the cool bike concept.

Hale Coffee

This coffee shop and roaster located in the Junction Triangle is situated inside an old Clock Factory. With bright, eclectic modern furniture and contemporary light work on the ceiling this place creates a funky yet relaxing atmosphere.

The Merryside

This is a very cozy Dundas West café with lots of wood detailing and old school chairs. If you’re looking for a warmer, cozier space than the airy and modern cafes that have been trending lately, this is the spot for you. The ceiling is low and the knick-knack décor creates an attic-like, comfortable atmosphere.


Another Dundas West café, this place combines gallery, boutique, and coffee shop all into one gorgeous space. It is filled with green plants and is as bright and airy as it gets. If you love to Instagram your coffee and décor, this would be your best bet.

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