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Traveling in Luxury: Singapore Airlines’ New First-Class Suites Are Hotel Rooms in the Sky

Nov 08 2017

Singapore Airlines has always been highly praised for their exceptional service and luxurious first-class seats and this time they are really raising the bar with their $850 million refresh on some aircrafts. These newly updated first-class suites will be the closest thing you’ll get to flying in the air in a high-end hotel room. For luxury consumers and travellers whose standards get higher and higher by the day, this is a great option that offers a similar experience to flying in a private jet, allowing anyone to feel like a famous super star.

The new first-class seats will actually be large pods that mimic the design of a small hotel suite. Each suite is complete with Poltrona Frau upholstered leather seat, a fold-down bed that lies fully flat, a wardrobe that can fit a carry-on suitcase and of course a garment bag, and a 32 inch personal TV. Although there won’t be ensuite bathrooms, the first-class cabin, which has 6 of these mini hotel suites, has 2 special bathrooms stocked with luxury French products. It sounds like a huge upgrade from a more traditional first-class seat which has a roomy chair that lies fully flat. For luxury travellers, they now want to add exclusive privacy to the comfort of the fully flat chairs and additional luxury amenities.  

This is perhaps one of the most luxurious and comfortable first-class seat in the industry to date. The CEO of Singapore Airlines has stated that they are seeking to push the boundary of what’s possible in an aircraft. Couples flying together can even fully lower the divider between their seat to form a double bed, which means they can really travel in comfort and privacy before arriving at their vacation. How far are designers and companies willing to go to cater to the hyper-luxury consumers who are always demanding for more convenience and luxury?

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