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The 5 Most Elite Spots to Check Out in Monaco

Nov 28 2017

Monaco is a favourite spot among the vacationing elites who need a weekend to restore and relax. It’s also a popular destination for many travellers who want to see what the exclusive, moneyed city-state is all about, as there are many luxurious activities one can enjoy by the beautiful water. Not a member of the Monaco Yacht Club? Don’t fret, there are still many other ways to enjoy the glamour of Monaco like a true elite local.

Wine Palace


The Wine Palace rests inside the Foster + Partners designed glass building that is home to the Monaco Yacht Club. Even if you’re not a member you can still enter the building through Wine Palace to have a glimpse at what the building of the most private and prestigious club looks like. Wine Palace offers over 3200 bottles of wine, champagne and spirits, featuring some of the finest in the world.

Monte Carlo Beach Club

Monte Carlo Beach Club, Monaco

This is an iconic spot where you can see the most beautiful view of the ocean and the mountains, a very typical scene one would imagine to see in Monaco. The beach club is open to outside guests in the warmer months and they are allowed to book cabanas in advance.



Joel Robuchon’s restaurant that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld is less formal than his other restaurants and many locals come to enjoy a relaxed dinner here. You can find cocktails that were inspired by Givenchy fragrances, seasonal seafood dishes and simple fare such as soups and sandwiches.

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