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Toronto Might Get Its Very Own Central Park

Dec 11 2017

Toronto is now really on the map on the global stage and continues to grow each day with its tourists and cultural influences. With this growth, it would be nice to have a landmark park in the heart of the city as many world-class cities do already. It can act as a core centre of activities where the fast-paced and lively energy of the city can be brought together.

Toronto will move forward with the ambitious 21-acre park that will stretch from Bathurst and Blue Jays Way along the Union Station rail corridor, named the Rail Deck Park. It is estimated that the development of the park will cost $1.6 billion, raising concerns from critics who are against the development. City officials will be developing a growth-focused financial strategy cover the expense. Advocates are saying there will be enough funds raised through federal, provincial and commercial contributions. Many councillors feel that it is “now or never” for building a legacy park downtown. For many, it is seen as an opportunity to grow the kind of visionary thinking that led to establishments such as Central Park.

As Torontonians, we’re both excited and anxious about this new project that is without a doubt costly, but could yield many benefits for Toronto’s residents and tourists alike.


Source: blogTO


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