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Sidewalk Toronto will make living in cities more affordable

Feb 26 2018
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Googles’ startup Side Labs will transform Quayside, a portion of Toronto’s waterfront into a smart city that will be a test bed for a combination of technology and urbanism. Google will invest $50-million (U.S.) in a year-long planning process for Quayside. Sidewalk Toronto, which is the name of this initiative seeks to use emerging technologies to make living in cities more affordable, easier to travel within, and more environmentally sustainable.


This initiative will bring significant innovation in architecture, construction and urban design to Quayside. The ideas that Sidewalk Toronto outlined in their 220-page document that the area it develops will include private cars would be banned; streets would be served by autonomous vehicles and freight robots moving in underground tunnels. Intelligent signals would manage traffic on pedestrian-friendly streets; buildings would be designed to be highly flexible, constructed using modular units that are produced nearby. Also, those buildings would be linked by an energy system that would reduce the district’s energy consumption by 95 per cent below city regulations.


Source: The Globe and Mail

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