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The Most Iconic Rolex Model Is Now Available in Millennial Pink

Apr 02 2018

Rolex’s Rainbow Daytona instantly shot up to a cult status item upon launch, becoming a favourite among Hollywood stars and elite collectors. This classic model is now available in something other than yellow and white gold, in the trendy Everose. Rose gold is a colour that has been trending more than any other shade in the last few years, especially among Millennials. Jewelry designers have all released rose gold designs and lines of some sort, jumping in on the trend to capture the younger market. Outside of the metallic media, the shade has also been used widely in clothes, stationery, websites, logos and all kinds of design products. Given the high popularity of this shade and also its association with the younger generation, it is definitely a surprise that Rolex released a third version in rose gold.

The bezel is set with 36 sapphires in a beautiful rainbow gradation, and the mid-case is set with 56 diamonds. The hands are rose gold and the counters are also in pink gold crystals. The colour combinations found on this artistic and extravagant watch may not be for everyone’s tastes but this special third version will certainly be a popular novelty piece among collectors.

There will be an extremely limited number of the Everose Rainbow Daytona available to the market. Price is expected to be similar to the white and yellow gold models, which were retailed for $86,000.

Source: Bloomberg Pursuits, Ben Clymer

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