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Will Volcanic Wines Be the Next Big Thing in the Luxury Market?

Apr 09 2018

Volcanic soils account for only 1% of the world’s surface and now people are growing grapes on these soils that are still bubbling and spewing fire. Because volcanic soil is enriched with ash, the grapes grown on volcanoes have a special smoky and earthy flavour profile. These exciting wines have captured wine aficionados who are always on the search for something new and adventurous.

The volcanic wine movement is still in the early stages of growing, with a conference having taken place in New York just last year where more than 40 wineries from all over the world came out to represent their own unique version of volcanic wine. Spain’s Canary Islands for one, is one of the rising places on the map for these exotic wines. Sales of the wines from Canary Islands grew more than 40% in 2017.

Volcanic soil can preserve indigenous grape varieties that offer completely different flavors than ubiquitous varieties such as chardonnay and cabernet. There are also no pests that can grow in the volcanic ash and pumice, saving lots of grapes that can be killed off. Depending on the type of soil the grapes were grown in, from lava, pumice, ash, basalt, to others, the wines can vary widely in flavors and aromas.

Apart from the complex aromas and the novelty of such a combination, people may be so attracted to this new type of wine simply because of the stunning imagery it evokes. Wine lovers think of the apocalyptic and barren lands surrounded by molten lava and ash, something that is unarguably exotic and beautiful. Because wine is such a huge product especially in the luxury market, it will be interesting to see how new varieties and types catch on within the high-end market.

Source: Bloomberg Pursuits

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