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Rolls-Royce Just Released the Most Expensive SUV on the Market

May 23 2018


Rolls-Royce has unveiled its new SUV model, which at priced at $325,000, is currently the most expensive SUV on the market. It is called “The Cullinan” and has all the plushy comfort of a Rolls-Royce with off-road capabilities.  The company is calling it a “high-sided vehicle” instead of a SUV to differentiate it from other SUVS in the saturated market.

The Cullinan has a powerful 6.75 liter, twin turbo V12 engine with a top speed of 155mph. The interior is meant to fit 5 passengers but is very spacious. The backseat is as big as most sofas and when folded down, a huge cargo space is revealed. It’s complete with Wi-Fi and an entertainment system, alertness assistant and night vision. The very back of the car features a retractable table and leather chairs, quickly transforming the back into an outdoor dining lounge. Rolls-Royce is heavily pushing the lifestyle of the car with all these luxurious details that are meant for activities and entertainment. They are hoping to catch a completely new segment of customers with the Cullinan that is drivable on poor road conditions which are often found in countries outside of North America. Would you drive this SUV?


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