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2018 Summer Food Trends to Watch for on Instagram

Jul 14 2018
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Summer is in full flight and people of all ages are going to ramp up their usage of Instagram to inspire, and get inspired, on where to go and what to eat. Last year we were treating to a multitude of colourful and scrumptious posts of frozen rosé, rainbow smoothie bowls, sushi donuts and rolled ice cream. While these and other delectable (and sometimes luxurious) treats may still be on many menus, they will undoubtedly be joined with other assorted, vibrantly displayed works of culinary art.

Here are a few of the summer food trends for 2018 that may invade your Instagram feed for you to seek out and possible create a post of your own to share.


Poke Bowls

Traditional poke, pronounced “po-kay,” is fresh seafood (typically raw ahi tuna or cooked octopus) mixed with asian aromatics and served over rice.This trend really hit the internet last summer for the first time in a lot of places, even though it’s been a Hawaiian staple forever. Now that people know of it and it is easily accessible your guests are going to be asking for it by the dozen.

Matcha Powder

It is no longer just something for a barista to sprinkle on your latte. Although its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and metabolism-boosting qualities provide many health benefits, the vivid green of the crushed leaves will be the focus of decorated desserts, ice creams and other sweet treats.


Move over quinoa! Make room for another ancient grain: farro. It has a complex nutty taste, with undertones of oats and barley. Farro is also high in fiber and B vitamins, a good source of proteins and can be used instead of rice, tossed in a salad or made into a soup.

Bee Pollen

Don’t be startled if you see brightly hued crunchy pellets of bee pollen in your next bowl of oatmeal or ice cream. They are packed with vitamins and minerals.


Black coloured foods have been a popular trend over the past year. Many restaurants made use of squid ink to create edible black creations however, there are a few that are utilizing activated charcoal. Promoted for its detoxifying effects when used in moderation, it gives food an ashy colour, providing a deep and dark contrast to the usual dazzling reds, yellows, oranges and other luminous colours used in culinary dishes.


Source: CNBC

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