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Kuala Lumpur: A Place of Luxury, Food and Festival

Jan 11 2019

Travellers used to complain about having to stop in Malaysia’s hectic and chaotic capital. However, since Kuala Lumpur upped its hospitality and tourism game to rival the likes of Singapore and Hong Kong, having to stop over is no longer such a chore.

Kuala Lumpur has undergone so much development since its early beginnings as one of the major areas for tin mining during the Industrial Revolution and as a Commonwealth nation. Kuala Lumpur has become a centre for Malaysia to invite and accommodate the rest of Asia and the world and created a metropolis like no other.

There are many interesting places to see in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas. Public transportation is very convenient – there are plenty of taxis and buses in the city area and the train system provides a fast and efficient means of transportation for commuters.

Kuala Lumpur has a warm, humid and sunny climate all year round. It is a paradise for tourists who want to experience the tropical sunshine and equatorial weather. But for those who want a brief departure from the heat, one can find solace in one of the many air-conditioned shopping malls in the city like Pavilion Kuala Lumpur or Suria KLCC.

Its culinary scene, which was once monopolized by hawker stalls, has also gone through its own metamorphosis. High-end dining from all the capitals of the culinary world has made its way and found a home in Kuala Lumpur, providing a different flair to the indigenous Malaysian ingredients. You will find a mix of several Malay dishes and others such as Chinese and Indian dishes, ranging from native to gourmet and intercontinental dishes.

Kuala Lumpur also hosts a number of major celebrations all year round such as Chinese New Year, Diwali – ‘Festival of Light’, Hari Raya Puasa, National day, National Open House celebrations, The King of Malaysia’s birthday and of course, the biggest and colourful festival – The Colours of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur offers everything under its skies to everyone who would love to visit, whether on a private, luxurious getaway or just a budget-friendly backpacking journey. There are lots of things to see and visitors will surely have a great time experiencing all the city has to offer.

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