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February Local Front

Jan 31 2019

Although Toronto can be cold and windy in February, there are still many things to do and see despite the frigid weather! Winter Stations, now in its 5th year, will transform The Beaches with art installations celebrating Toronto’s winter waterfront landscape. This will feature the winners of the International Design Competition beginning February 18th through April 1st. Drop by the 2019 Bloor – Yorkville Icefest on February 9th or 10th. You’ll be able to explore a wintry wonderland filled with glittering ice sculptures. This year’s theme is Hollywood North, inspired by the success of the film industry in Toronto and Yorkville. Visit the 2019 Canadian International Autoshow, February 15 to 24, to see some of the most luxurious and exotic cars ever created. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and Family Day Weekend!


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