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Design Trends Every Torontonian Should Know About This Year

February 2, 2017

Toronto is home to many gorgeous homes with immaculate interior décor and acclaimed interior designers. Our home prices continue to climb to sky-high levels and the demand for luxury homes and luxury living only grows more and more by the day. A key element in any luxury home would certainly be the interior design and décor. Whether you prefer a smaller, cozy apartment or a grand home with many bedrooms, here are the design trends that are the most popular today in Toronto.

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Bold Colours

Currently in Toronto, trends are favouring the bold and bright. Whimsical and fun styles featuring bold, moody tones have become very popular this year and the super-minimalist, monochromatic schemes have become a thing of the past. Many designers have noticed a big shift back to rich, colourful designs and furniture. Owner of Urban Mode, Myrlene Sunberg, says we should be expecting some dusty greens and pinks in the trending colour palettes. Canadians have certainly become a bit more adventurous this year, exploring more with a variety of textures and colours.

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On the same line as the bold and colourful trends, touches of unique personality and imperfect playfulness have also come into trend hand-in-hand. The picture-perfect, minimalist aesthetics which often made homes look identical across the board have been pushed over by the combination of individual personality and a hint of messiness, a concept that allows you to fully express yourself in your home.

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Slow Furniture

Marketing Director of Avenue Road, Michael Murphy, has said that handmade furniture and pieces have become a major movement this year. Many pieces coming into Toronto have been handmade by European artisans and consumers are intrigued by what goes into making the individual pieces. More and more Torontonians are supporting local products and materials for which they can easily learn about the source of the product, the stories, and who made it.

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