Out-of-the-Box Valentine’s Day Events in Toronto

February 11, 2017

We only have one weekend left until Valentine’s Day brings all the love in the air in Toronto. Many people may opt for a classic dinner and movie type date on this day of love but in a diverse and colourful city like Toronto, you can always find something a bit more unique. Don’t worry if you don’t have many ideas of your own for a less traditional date, many local businesses have already done all the planning for you! Whether it’s to spend time with your long-time partner or to impress a new special someone you just met, the below options for a less conventional Valentine’s date will certainly add some points your score.

Partner Circus Lessons at The Circus Clubhouse

Two hours of partner-based circus lessons are sure to stir up some different kinds of chemistry you haven’t experienced before. Circus lessons combine fitness aspects with a quirky splash of artsy, perfect for those who are really looking to step out of their comfort zone and try something fun and new. There will be stretches, balancing, aerials and a cool-down. Learning something new with your partner is already a great idea, Valentine’s Day or not.

Love Improvised, a Valentine’s Day Special Improv Show at The Social Capital Theater

This one is for those who are always looking to spend the night laughing away. Instead of a quiet dates that can often turn out stuffy, especially if it’s your first or second, opt for an improve show where you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Lineup features Danforth improvisers who will be inspired by real-life relationship troubles, Tinder, and famous RomComs.

Truffles and Bubbles, a Truffle Making Class at Le Dolci

For a more relaxed, conventionally romantic evening, take this truffle and bon bon making class led at a Dundas West bakery. There will be champagne to go with the class so you can relax and enjoy even if you have never made any chocolates before. Classes start at 10:30pm so there is plenty of time to do other things like dinner and dessert before the class.

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