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Beth W.
Claudine and Mike were fabulous helping us find a condo rental that exactly fit my son’s needs and budget. Patient and thorough and responsive!
Ryan C.
Claudine and her team have always been amazing to work with! They've been my realtor for almost 10 years now and I can't imagine working with anyone else. They're very patient (I'm super picky) and they always share their honest opinions with you. As a bonus it's always fun going out and looking at places with them too!
Alan & Cynthia
Boots is God-sent to us. We were truly blessed to have her as our realtor when we downsized from a townhouse to a condo, at our senior years. Would you believe, we were able to buy a condo first, then sell our house, all within 2 or 3 weeks, at winter time and close to the Christmas holidays! All happened through prayers and with Boots’ hard work, efficiency and expertise.

It is very rare to find a real estate agent like Boots. She is hardworking, detail-oriented, very knowledgeable, very professional, sincere, honest, trustworthy, accommodating and easy to work with.

Boots gets things done right away, especially when time is of the essence. She was very patient with us, though, being first time sellers and long time buyers from 27 years ago. She made the whole process of buying and selling less stressful for us seniors.

Boots answers all our questions, no matter how silly or menial they may seem to us. When she doesn’t have the answer on hand, she will take note and get back to us, the soonest possible. She doesn’t leave us hanging. She will immediately communicate any updates or answers as soon as she receives them.

Boots understands and respects our decisions regarding sale of our house. She did not push us to agree to her suggestions on how to get top dollars for our house. What makes us happy is more important to her than getting more money out of the sale of our house.

Whenever we have documents to sign, Boots reviews them with us, making sure there will be no surprises with hidden “fine print” clauses, if any. Boots is trustworthy and very thorough that anything she sends for signing, we confidently sign right away.

On the personal level, Boots is not only physically and mentally healthy, but also spiritually healthy. She is very active in her church and community. She was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medallion in 2022 for her contributions to the community over the years. She was one of only 60 recipients from across Canada. This is indicative of the kind of person Boots is, one who has good morals and good work ethics. She is in the realty business because of her passion to help people, meet people and make people happy. No wonder she has been in the business for more than 40 years, and counting.

We highly recommend Boots for any of your real estate needs. With Boots, you can’t go wrong. We are truly grateful to Boots for making our buying and selling venture a pleasurable experience.

We believe that our buying and selling experience which happened within a short period of time, during a supposedly “slow”market season, is a Christmas miracle, a gift from God, which Boots was instrumental in delivering. Praise and thank you Lord!

More power to you, Boots, and we wish you continued success!
John & Andrea
My partner and I were once first-time home buyers who attempted to search for our first home with another agent. Unfortunately, our experience with our first agent left us insecure and unsure if we could find a place to call home within our budget/area of choice. By constantly sharing with us units that were out of our price range or in poor conditions we believed maybe that was all we could afford.

After waiting about a year, we decided to try again but with another agent. In came Boots who was blunt in stating what we could expect and assured us that we could find a place that fit our needs within our budget as long as we were willing to give her time and willing to view units so she can get a better understanding of what we were looking for. Shortly aftercbeginning our search with Boots the COVID-19 pandemic began. As if she had already lived past a pandemic like COVID-19, Boots followed our comfort level with looking and was able to ensure our and the sellers safety by providing us with a new set of PPE before every viewing. Despite living in the early unknown times of COVID-19 Boots was able to keep us excited and motivated to find our home.

Long story short, Boots was not only able to help us find a home, but was able to do so before COVID-19 hit its peak. Boots is a strong advocate and good listener, we would highly recommend her for any other first-time home buyers out there who may resonate with any part of our story.
Helen K.
I have known Boots Montano and her family for almost 40 years. During this time Boots has successfully conducted several Real Estate transactions for me: listing, selling and buying properties. Boots is very honest, hard-working and detail oriented. You won't go wrong with Boots Montano working for you!
Romeo & Phoebe O.
Our story begins with having an interest as, “first time buyers” searching to invest and purchase a condominium thus, searching for a real estate agent. Fortunately, a family friend of ours who already owns two condominiums referred to us her real estate agent, Ms. Boots Montano.

This family friend already owns their two condominiums in the downtown Toronto area and suggested to invest and purchase if possible, in the downtown area as well. Our friend’s wife contacted Boots and gave Boots’ contact information to my wife, Phoebe. A short background regarding my wife, she previously worked in the real estate abroad.

My wife and Boots, (not yet meeting us); through several calls, text and email messages provided the information and details of our interest, the cap amount of our purchase, etc. Then, a meeting time and place was discussed between them. Boots gave us a description of herself and what she would be wearing, etc.

We met at a condominium which was for sale located in the Rogers Centre area. Boots showed us four condominiums in the same GTA locations. At our very first meeting, we immediately felt at peace and calm as we listened to Boots how informative she is with providing all the details such as:
-The owners history, history of the condominium
-The area/location; her points of views about the advantages, (the positive); and what could be a disadvantage, (the negative); etc.
-The condominium GTA by-laws, legislations, the changes of what is no longer valid or what has presently occurred and what is being proposed.
-Educating us as to the rights between the owners and the tenants.
-In situations/problems/repairs, who is responsible – is it the owner or the condominium association?

When we’ve asked questions, she:
-Provide the answers
-Very through, honest, trustworthy, straight forward and objective
-If she does not know the answer her response which echoes in my mind,
“I’ll get back to you on that”.
-If it can’t be done, she’ll give the reasons why.

I’d like to add that she’s a rare breed and unique person WHY?
We’ve owned our condominium for over six years, and she calls to update us that there are/will be GTA law and legislative changes plus, what needs to be done as a reminder, priority, later, or wait and see. Last, when we need help or need a question or opinion to be answered she will respond. As mentioned above, in certain situations/problems/repairs Boots still helps us with knowing what our rights versus the condominium association.
Nerisa N.
I appreciated the hard work you have done in selling my house in Aurora. We had a lot of challenges from the other party, but you handled it well without any negative outcomes. Your expertise and professional knowledge are evident in everything that you did, from the beginning up to and after the closing. You went above and beyond to resolve the issues. I admire your work ethic. You did not leave anything to chance.

On a personal level, I am so privileged to have known you for a long time, from the time you sold my house in Richmond Hill and also for helping my daughter buy her house in Brampton.
Kris P.
In 1992, I was looking for a knowledgeable, reputable and experienced Real Estate person. It took many months, several interviews and then had the pleasure of meeting Boots. She has been professional and extremely reliable over the years; always willing to assist in any way that she can.

In addition, Boots is very community oriented, active in various parish activities and shares our common good, in assisting those in need.

To date, Boots has purchased, sold and rented properties for our family/friends and we have been extremely satisfied. I have not had dealings with any other agent, since meeting her.

I would strongly recommend Boots to anyone interested in looking for a trustworthy and truly remarkable professional.

Keep up the good work Boots and I wish you continued success.
Barbara G.
Toronto, ON
Our experience with Boots has been great! She has helped us find all the houses we've lived in the past 6 years! At first finding the right properties to rent in Richmond Hill and then our own home in Aurora. She always listened to our needs and provided her professional opinion. She's very knowledgeable and patient.

We highly recommend her and would definitively work with her again!
Neire M.
Boots Montano is an exceptional professional. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, honest, and always goes the extra mile to provide the best service possible.

I was lucky to meet Boots 14 years ago when she guided me with the purchase of my first home. That was my best investment ever.

When I moved to Alberta, Boots started to manage my investment property. She always finds quality tenants and takes care of any maintenance issues. She gives me peace of mind. I wouldn’t be able to maintain a house in Toronto if it wasn’t for her expertise.

I would absolutely recommend Boots as a real estate agent to anyone interested in buying, selling, investing or leasing a property.
Francesca A.
Toronto, ON
Mike and the Montano group got me my dream condo. For a first-time homebuyer who was new to the market in the GTA, I couldn’t be happier that I worked with someone as knowledgeable and thorough about the home buying process as Mike. He and the team were there every step of the way.
Carrie W.
Vaughan, ON
As a first time home buyer, Claudine, Mike and the entire Montano Group did a fantastic job in helping my partner and I navigate the real estate market. Their many years of experience and expertise was evident in the sound advice they provided, which resulted in our successful purchase of a beautiful ravine-lot home! Mike was extremely patient throughout the buying process. He was always available at a moment's notice to take us to last minute viewings which was imperative in an extremely fast-paced market! We are grateful and appreciative of the Montano Group’s hard work. We would recommend them as your trusted agents to get you your next home!
Marco D.
Vaughan, ON
Claudine and her team sold my Toronto condo for top dollar! Claudine’s behind the scenes team was absolutely incredible. From the beautiful staging to the professionally filmed videography, I am convinced all this added value to the condo. This was evident when other comparable condos in the area sold for much less than mine! When it comes to selling condos, Claudine is competitive and someone you want on your side! I would recommend Claudine to anyone looking for a real estate agent to fight to get you top dollar!
Delia D.
Oshawa, ON
If not for you, I would still be renting now. Thank you for walking me through the steps of owning a house. Your detailed explanation of what I should do after unofficially qualifying me and determining the approximate price of a house that I could buy encouraged me and got me excited about the prospect of being a homeowner. Your professionalism and expertise in your field is truly remarkable. You knew I was a small fry - qualified to buy one under $400,000 only. I heard about your million/multi-million dollars and high six-figure deals yet you treated and respected me as if I was one of your privileged clients. You never made me feel small. Instead you made me feel tall. The speed with which you got me a mortgage broker who, like you, trusted me to come up with all the requirements just as speedily so I can immediately get pre-approved for a mortgage made possible your finding a house that was just right for us. We had to be out of our rented apartment in 60 days. You understood that we had to find a house immediately and you acted fast. You were most patient with us as when we requested to see the house again and again since my co-maker son and I have different availability due to work schedule. You showed us a number of listings and when we decided on one, you gave us all the comparable sales in the area so we could have an informed opinion to come up with a fair offer. You kept us updated with the status of our mortgage application, educated us all about the mortgage and the terms putting us on familiar grounds such that when the mortgage broker came back to us with the approval, we readily understood his explanation.

Not in my wildest imagination did I think that I could own a house this soon. As you know, I have been here in Canada for less than ten years. Working as a nanny and later for a minimum wage pay, I raised three children as a single parent. I thought owning a home in this market was simply beyond me. But you gave me hope and you found one that I thought did not exist. While it is quite a distance from where I work, it is manageable. My children and I are happy with our home. You made it possible for us to experience pride in ownership.

Thank you very sincerely.
Aldwin D.
Oshawa, ON
Our family was truly grateful to a very considerate broker, the Montano Group. We were able to purchase our first home because of their trust and help in all our needs in this matter. We are pleased to have them in this buying process.
Jean B.
Toronto, ON
Thank you, Claudine, for your diligence in bringing this sale to fruition. Claudine made good on her promise to get me top dollar. The professionalism and bright attitude she brought to the table made it a pleasure to work with her.
Marianne N. & Yoon Jai S.
Toronto, ON
Claudine and the Montano Group were amazing. They managed and took care of the sale of our condo, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our lives. Claudine listened to our needs and priorities, then developed a strategy to best fit our unique situation. They were also transparent and pro-active throughout the whole process. We are very satisfied with their services and highly recommend the Montano Group.
Dana S.
Ottawa, ON
I called Claudine on a whim, sensing that she knew the market and got results. She did, but not only that. She also priced the house right, did the hard work to know her comparables, staged, fixed, advised, painted, negotiated hard, communicated often, laughed, brought coffee and was extremely human and approachable. Her combination of skills and service, combined with her empathy, approachability and stellar performance are top qualities that make her thrive.
John C.
Toronto, ON
Claudine, Mike, and the entire Montano Group were instrumental in helping me buy my first-ever home. They not only helped me find the perfect condo, but Claudine and Mike guided me through every step of the home-buying process. I don't know what I would have done without them!
Michelle S. & Robert S.
Toronto, ON
Claudine and Mike are the ‘dynamic duo’. They’re an amazing team to work with, whether you are buying or selling or both. They gave us good advice on how to prepare our home for the selling process and provided relevant and timely information on the properties of interest to help us make informed decisions. We put our trust in them and were very happy with the end result. We are blissfully happy in our new home thanks to them!
Evelyn S.
Toronto, ON
It is with distinct pleasure to write about our experience in selling our home in Thornhill and in purchasing a condo in North York.

Claudine and Mike provided excellent service in both selling and preparing our house for sale and in finding us a condo that was in fully renovated and in perfect condition. Thank you Claudine and Mike.
Elisa M.
Toronto, ON
I recently began my hunt for a condominium unit in Toronto with Mike. The process was not easy- it took many days and many viewings before we found the perfect place. Through it all, Mike was patient and gracious with his time. He is clearly well-versed in both the market and in Toronto generally. Beyond that, Mike is a great person. He is personable and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Together, he and Claudine function as a well-oiled machine. I am so grateful for all the time and effort Mike put in and am happy to say that we found the perfect unit for me! I would recommend Mike and Claudine to anyone looking to rent or purchase in Toronto (or anywhere)!
Melissa C. & Niclas M.
Toronto, ON
We’ve just found our second property with Mike and Claudine and couldn’t be happier. They are a pleasure to work with and always kept our best interests at heart. Mike repeatedly went above and beyond to find us listings that we might have missed, and was really helpful on-site answering questions and negotiating on our behalf. Their knowledge of the market is amazing and they will always tell you honestly what they think, a rare quality to have! Beyond their great service, Mike and Claudine are just wonderful people you can trust to have your back. We would use them again in a heartbeat!
Anne & Kierney H.
East York, ON
“We purchased our first home with Claudine and she made it a wonderful experience. Claudine and the Montano Group responded so quickly to our phone calls and questions and understood all of our needs. They are fierce when it comes to competition and are no nonsense agents. We purchased a great home because of them and are truly grateful. They are a great team!“
Alan C.
Richmond Hill, ON
From the first moment we contacted the Montano Group, they stood out from all the other real-estate brokers that we had previously interviewed.

Their professionalism was there during the preliminary work and attention to details throughout the process. We felt very comfortable to leave the sale process in their capable hands.

They had completed their financial evaluation of our house and surrounding area for comparison as soon as we had contacted the team and before they arrived for an interview, this was impressive enough.
The arranging of the fixtures and furniture coupled with the photography was second to none. The best part was the brochure and video they presented. I could not believe that it was the same house and grounds that they were showing off to its best advantage. It was so good that I almost stopped the sale realising how nice it looked from someone else’s point of view.

No wonder it sold in four days, and well above what we had asked for.
Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a Real-Estate broker I have no hesitation but to recommend Boots Montano and the rest of the Montano Group.
Helen K.
Toronto, ON
"I have known Boots Montano and her family for thirty years. During that time she has been my friend and Real Estate Agent. She has assisted me in buying and selling several properties. Her advice has been invaluable in preparing properties for sale and she is cool and logical at the offer table. Boots always has my best interests at heart during any transaction and I appreciate her honesty and direct approach."
Ralph B.
Markam, ON
“Great realtor who knows the business well. Michael went above and beyond of what is expected of him. I felt very fortunate to have him assist me with the home buying process. He follows through to end and is capable of answering all questions asked. I plan to use him and the Montano team for possible future housing investments. A job well done!"
C. Caverly, Retired Lawyer & J. Taylor, Teacher
Toronto, ON
“From the first interview with Claudine, we knew she was the realtor for us. She was so knowledgeable about the real estate market in Toronto, so professional in her approach, and so pleasant and enthusiastic in person that we stopped looking for anyone else. Her level of marketing initiative and client responsiveness was sky-high throughout, and even our friends were astonished at the detailed reports we received and the extensive market exposure Claudine created. In the end, we established a price record for our neighbourhood, in less than average time. What else can be said? Thank you Claudine!”
Giomar S.
Toronto, ON
The Montano Group takes the time to listen to what their clients want, are patient and handle negotiations exceptionally well.
D. Daron, Engineer
Toronto, ON
“Before the Montano Group, our home was on the market for over 6 months with no success. Once we got the Montano Team on board our home was sold in less than 3 weeks! They really found a way of portraying the value of our property to the potential buyers. The key of our success was their determination, dedication, and most importantly their unique personal touch.”
Mike H. Director, Global eCommerce
“I was very pleased with my interaction with the Montano Group. They were a pleasure to work with, very thorough and meticulous in understanding my situation and made personalized recommendations across brokerage and legal services to help to simplify things for me. I ultimately sold through the Montano Group’s extensive network - on the other side of the country, and through their dedicated efforts - purchased the perfect home for me in downtown Toronto.”
Linda U. RBC Canada
“Thank you for taking the stress out of selling my condo! I really appreciate the efficient and professional manner throughout the process. You are great and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!”
Alicia N. Accountant
“My experience with the Montano Group was special in that they cared about what I wanted and spent time on what I needed. They knew and understood the procedures pertaining to foreign currency and made the transition a lot easier. As an out of town buyer, the Montano Group, was very careful in explaining to me the specifics and listened to every concern I had with the most detail. This led to her getting me exactly what I want. ”
Laura G. – Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
Ottawa ON
“I would recommend the Montano Group to anyone and everyone that I know who is interested in buying or selling. When it came time to make an offer, they were able to negotiate with our best interests in mind and we were very satisfied with the outcome.”
Charlotte U. Co-Founder/Owner Nail&Co
“The Montano Group was very professional and found the property that best matched our requirements!”
Fergus N, Manager, QA Insight Programs
“Working with the Montano Group was one of the best business decisions of my life. I am a frugal person but I also understand the risk of sacrificing quality for dollars. With the Montano Group, you get quality AND value."
Curtis C. Corporate Development Manager
“The team’s no nonsense approach, attention to detail, personalized service, and incredible knowledge, contacts and experience, makes them some of the best real estate agents in their field.”
Damelis C., Engineer
“Once more the Montano Group sold our lovely home in record time, and exceeding our expectations. We were in the middle of a stressful move across the country, but we knew that without our home in their hands, there was no need for worries!”
Erin W. Business Solutions Manager, Marriott Hotels
“They are always professional, kind, compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable about all areas of the GTA.”
Rob S., Network Admin & Michelle S., Director of Privacy Compliance
“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. We had such a wonderful experience from start to finish!”

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